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Sign up today for your first Free private session to see what Purely Pilates is all about. Perfect for beginners and advanced participants. We offer group packages, unlimited options, and drop ins. With flexible pricing and class options 7 days a week we look forward to meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations.

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Pre/Post Natal

Pre/Post Natal Pilates teaches the student all the necessary modifications and areas to focus on during and after pregnancy. We focus on 5 key principles to help the mother protect their body during pregnancy, labor, and beyond. These 5 principles are essential to decrease the risk of trauma to the body and help with fitness during pregnancy and a strong recovery after birth. 

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Our nutrition program can help with a variety goals. Whether you want to sleep better, lose weight, gain muscle, or increase energy we can help. Call today to set up your free 30 minute nutrition consultation and together we will make a detailed, manageable, and sustainable plan to help you reach your goals and feel amazing! Simple changes create big results!

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Instructor Training

As a proud Balanced Body host site we offer full comprehensive Pilates teacher training, continuing education courses, and fun hands on anatomy in clay work. These courses are ideal for those looking to begin or accelerate their career in fitness, advance their personal Pilates practice, or gain continuing education credits for their current certifications.

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At Purely Pilates Studio we aim to create a healthy environment, filled with positive feedback and goal oriented movement. We create a system that is specific for the individual and centers around their health and well-being as well as personal goals. We encourage our clients to work towards their true potential by working in proper form and focus through each movement. By working this way you achieve your aesthetic goals while learning proper movement patterns that will help you maintain posture and experience less pain.

All classes are taught by fully certified instructors who are dedicated to continuing education and are committed to giving their best in order to serve the unique needs of each client. We have worked with clients from age 13-85 years of age, with goals that vary from getting bikini ready, to improving athletic performance, and even re- strengthening or learning proper movement after injury or surgery. We each have a personal passion for Pilates and love our work of sharing and helping others experience the many benefits of the work. At Purely Pilates Studio you get more than just a Pilates session. You get a Pilates family helping you reach the goals that are important to you by creating an individual plan to follow for success. We look forward to working with you soon...see you in the studio!

Introductory Offers for New Clients

These Packages are for new clients to experience all the studio has to offer. Bring in a friend who purchases one of these packages and receive a free session for yourself. These packages make a great gift for family and friends.

1 Complimentay Private Session $99 Unlmited Group Sessions Nutrition
Your first session is generally a free One month unlimited group classes. Protein and Fiber - $85 (30 day supply)
private. We assess your movement Includes all class types. Must be used *Use for recovery or meal replacement
and goals to create a plan to reach in 30 consecutive days. Fizz Sticks and Fit Chews - $45
your unique goals.   *Use chews to replace sugar/snacking 
    and Fizz to replace coffee/soda and 
    increase energy.